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Product Detail

1、 全新的直線振動篩分技術,分離混凝土更干凈更迅速,可以達到每小時分離60噸濕混凝土;

The new liner vibration screening technology can separate 60T wet concrete per hour which separate the concrete more quickly

2、 整體開放式的結構設計,使其維護使用更加方便快捷;

We design the overall open structure which make it easier to maintain and use

3、 整體設備免基礎,不需要做復雜的混凝土地基,免除了客戶基礎施工時間較長以及費用較高問題;

There is no need to do the foundation job . this can reduce the problem of high cost foundation.

4、運用技術成熟的旋流沉降罐,使細砂進行二次過濾,實現細砂零排放;Use mature cyclone tank to make the fine sand be filtered twice to achieve zero discharge of fine sand.


Stirring adopts container type mixing design , overall transporation,convenient and quick installation.


With concentration monitor and automatic adjustment system,it can detect the concentration of mortar water,and automatically adjust the concentration of sewage to set the concentration, and then reach the set standard .and then recycle it to the mixig station for reuse .


Intelligent automatic control adopt PLC automatic control ,has a more user-friendly operation interface,easy to use and overhaul.

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